What Our Member's Say About The Ocean Lab

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I have been utilizing float therapy for over ten years now. Not only has it helped improve my mental and physical health, but it has also helped me get off prescription drugs that I was using to band-aid many issues. I have experienced severse mental and physical trauma and floating is honestly the only tool I have used that has helped me truly get to the bottom of my issues and heal. Now that I am pregnant, a lot of these issues i have worked so hard to overcome have resurfaced. However, it has brought me to appreciate float therapy on a whole other level! I’m able to clear my mind and sort of hit a “re-start” button during a float session. Feeling completely weightless relieves all my pain I struggle with daily and i’m able to enjoy and appreciate pregnancy a little more each session!


My introduction to PEMF two years ago occurred by happenstance and morphed into a Eureka moment that is now integrated into my wellness practice.

I was asked to try a new service Ocean Lap was offering and give feedback. I had no idea what PEMF was or what it was supposed to accomplish. I was completely open to the experience.

While sitting in the PEMF chair energy immediately concentrated to the gallbladder region of my GI tract. I have been treating a chronic gallbladder condition for several years and was blown away. The session was energizing while the sense of resetting the body’s equilibrium. I felt grounded and relaxed by the end of the session.


So you know I love the cold plunge so every city we go to I try to find a place that has cold plunge, sauna, and all that stuff. And I found in Austin here the Ocean Lab. Great place and awesome people so if you love the cold plunge, check out the Ocean Lab in Austin.

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