Float Tank Therapy

Float Tank Therapy

Feel the tension and stress drift away as you relax in one of our giant float cabins. 1400 pounds of Epsom salt dissolved in 10 inches of water supports your body as you float in a totally distraction-free environment.



Originally invented by neuroscientist John C. Lilly in the 1950’s, floating (sometimes known as R.E.S.T. therapy or sensory deprivation) creates a controlled environment for your body and mind where all external stimuli are reduced to zero. The air and water temperature perfectly mimics your skin, while the float solution holds your body effortlessly in the total darkness, allowing your brain to rest in a state of lowered activation. The studio walls and tanks are both soundproofed to eliminate any distractions from the outside world.

During the beginning of your float, your mind takes time to adjust to the new environment before sinking into a dreamlike state where thoughts come to you unprompted. Floating is a practice with no end – there is no right or wrong way to float, and even a veteran with thousands of floats can utilize this tool as a mirror to unlock our subconscious mind.


Floating is something that you have to personally experience in order to truly understand.

Here’s a few quotes from our regulars:

  • “Decompress your entire nervous system”
  • “It’s like meditating, but perfect, and you don’t have to worry about posture or do anything”
  • “Meet yourself for the first time”
  • “Floating creates space for creativity to flow through”
  • “You can keep running from whatever’s keeping you up at night, or you can just face it and move on!”

Here are some of our top reasons for floating at The Lab:

  • Recover from intense physical activity: the Espom salt in the solution serves to relax your sore muscles while the buoyant water holds you up against gravity, creating decompression in your spine that’s impossible on any other surface.
  • Clear your mind: we like to think of floating as meditation on overdrive. If you’ve struggled with a meditation practice in the past, try floating to easily enter a space with no distractions where you can release your conscious attention effortlessly.
  • Seek new insights: if you’re stuck on a problem in your life or business (one you sometimes don’t even know you have), the ability to generate clarity in a float tank is unmatched. You’ve never had shower thoughts like these – we promise you’ll access a new level of brainstorming you didn’t think was possible.
  • Supercharge learning: we can play calming music tracks, guided meditations or ocean waves during your float while your mind rests in Theta brainwave state (the same one a child is in until ~7 years old), where you can upload information directly to your subconscious. Get those affirmations ready!
  • Lose yourself: when you have a few floats under your belt and really get in the zone, there will be moments where you forget that you as “I” exists. Your awareness drifts outside your body for what some would consider a spiritual experience. We can’t do this justice in a written description – find out for yourself.


We provide EVERYTHING you need for a perfect float experience. Just bring yourself!


Plan to arrive 15 minutes early if it’s your first time (5 minutes is fine for return guests). We have free covered retail parking on-site in the garage immediately to the left of our retail space (located on the SE corner of the Marq Uptown apartment building at 3314 Harmon Ave). 

Our team will check you in and prepare you water or tea if you’d like.

Kick off your shoes and place them on the rack in the lobby. Our cubbies have small lockers for your phone, keys and wallet.

Use the restroom before entering the float suite to avoid interrupting your session.

Our team will take you back to your float suite and walk you through the process:

  1. Lock the door and remove your clothes.
  2. Put in ear plugs and rinse in the shower to remove oils and makeup products from your body. Use our soap/shampoo from the dispenser but do NOT use conditioner before the float.
  3. Open the float cabin door and step in, lowering yourself with the handles.
  4. Leave a small towel on the inside cabin handle – easy access in case you need to wipe solution from your hands or face.
  5. Your float will start automatically and run the full length of your session. Lights will turn off and your selected music track (if any) will play. Use the buttons on the side of the cabin near the door to control the light and sound during your float.
  6. Float – start with some controlled breathing and see where it takes you.
  7. Lights will come on alerting you to the end of your session, while a voice comes over the speaker telling you to exit the tank.
  8. Remove your ear plugs and shower off fully. Get dressed and join us again in the lobby to tell us about your experience.

We recommend you take a few minutes to hang in our Zen Den or the lobby to recalibrate before you head out!

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90-Minute Couples Float


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