PEMF Therapy

Give your body the energy it needs to repair itself and thrive. Experience more energy - naturally! - while optimizing wellness and amplifying athletic performance.

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About PEMF Therapy

Our bodies are a collection of trillions of individual cells. Each of those individual cells stores an electric charge, and our brain communicates with our body using electricity.

Over time, the electrical charge of our cells gets depleted, leading to cellular dysfunction.

Using PEMF technology, we are able to re-charge those cells and give our body the energy it needs to heal itself.

What's included in this service?

60 Minutes of Private Usage of our Pulse Centers XL Pro PEMF generator, including all accessories.

Session Pricing

Supercharge your results with multiple sessions

60-Minute Session


3 x 60-Minute Session (Intro Pack)


10-Pack of Sessions


20-Pack of Sessions


30-Pack of Sessions


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